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BALARKA aerodynamic design axial flow FRP fan for wide range of applications (any size any capacity) provide the desired non-corrosive quality ensure to operate most insistent situation. The design and selection of the composite materi¬als used in the fan construction virtually eliminates corrosion and provides tensile and fatigue strength unmatched by steel or other GRP materials com¬monly used in fans. The blades are hollow construction, wide cord design, manufactured using specially formulated resins and glass reinforcement with a gelcoat finish for superior UV protection and abrasion resistance, results in a blade with excellent strength to weight ratio, and durability. For added protection,the lead¬ing edges are treated with a wear resistant coating. Over all it give up to 85% high efficiency, lower noise level with lesser power consumption over metallic or other FRP/GRP fan. Balarka lightweight FRP fans also ensure a low moment of inertia, minimum wear & stress on motor, bearing and drive system. Composite structural design can be tailor made by using glass fibres in various forms (woven mat &roving’s) in right direction while moulding the impeller with resin thus imparting the desired mechanical strength by improving its structural stability and enhanced mechanical properties.
feature & benefits
design & selection software

Advance aerodynamic design
Cost saving
High efficiency up to 85 %
Inter blade changeability
Less maintenance
Smooth finish
UV protected

Balanced fan assembly
High air flow with same power
High Strength
Less power required
Painted or gel-coated
Single plate or double plate
Uniform air flow

The twisted, tapered aerofoil and the wide-blade design are well suited for delivering superior air flow and pressure capability, low noise operation. More importantly, in controlled test environments, power reduction over the competition at the same CFM and pressure rise.

Our selection software runs for superlative selection for underneath applications.

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Diameter up to 10.36 M (34 feet) 10.36 M (34 feet) 4.2 M (14 feet) 3.6 M (12 feet) 2.4 M (8 feet)
Air flow up to 1050 M3/Sec
(2250000 CFM)
1050 M3/Sec
(2250000 CFM)
210 M3/Sec
(445000 CFM)
200 M3/Sec
(424000 CFM)
47 M3/Sec
(100000 CFM)
No. of blades 12 Nos. 12 Nos. 10 Nos. 16 Nos. 08 Nos.
Pressure up to 25 mm (1 Inch) 50 mm (2 Inch) 50 mm (2 Inch) 250 mm (10 Inch) 100 mm (4 Inch)
Temperature -40 to +80 deg C -40 to +80 deg C -40 to +80 deg C -40 to +80 deg C -40 to +80 deg C
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