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A cooling tower is a heat rejection device, which extracts waste heat to the atmosphere though the cooling of a water stream to a lower temperature. The type of heat rejection in a cooling tower is termed "evaporative" in that it allows a small portion of the water being cooled to evaporate into a moving air stream to provide significant cooling to the rest of that water stream. The heat from the water stream transferred to the air stream raises the air's temperature and its relative humidity and this air is discharged to the atmosphere.

We offer our wide range of cooling tower with latest technology to provide energy-efficient and reliable cooling. Each feature gives maximum benefits to several apparatus and high quality construction for dependable service and long life.

Type of cooling tower

    - Natural draft cooling tower – Parabolic
    - Induced draft cooling tower – Cross Flow and Counter Flow
    - Forced Draft cooling tower

Our equipment is designed to customer’s preferred combination of efficiency, long-life expectancy, power saving and respect of local environmental regulations.

CFD : cooling tower and fan

Computational Fluid Dynamicscan be applied to a wide range of flow targets. CFD tools can for example be used to analyse fluid flows, combustion, heat transfer and multiphase flows for devices or factories. Temperatures and pressures can be calculated in the model based on known boundary conditions of fluid flows. The Flow physics and reasons for the flows can be easily traced and visualized in areas where it is impossible or extremely expensive to take measurements. CFD-simulation is an extremely cost effective and fast way to check designs before building a prototype and final product.

Recirculation and interference shoddily affect the performance and capability of cooling tower and the effect of such environmental airflow movement and impact on cooling tower thermal performance should be taken care during thermal design. CFD provide very close and acceptable results over recirculation and interference. Real-time simulation refers to a computer model of a physical system that can execute at the same rate as actual.
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