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Our widespread knowledge of FRP/Steel/RCC and field erected cooling towers impart us the strength to analyse performance and working condition of such system in no lag time. We provide thorough inspections and repair proposals which include photographs and detailed analysis along with recommendations to accommodate your specific processes and budgetary requirements PCT ambition is to identify the problems faced by the customers and finding out solutions which meet our customer's satisfaction, perform the work through the use of superior workmanship and quality products. We can provide thermal performance testing in accordance with CTI ATC-105, BS4485 & ASME PTC 23 test codes. We are completely balanced specialist.
design and engineering

Counter flow & Cross flow design program.
Single cell and multi cell design.
Fan selection program for diverse application.
Computer programs and CAD techniques.
CFD analysis.
Technical consulting activities.
Conversion of wooden cooling to pultruded FRP tower.
manufacturing and supply

In house manufacturing activities for most of the FRP components.
Supply of Steel / RCC / FRP tower internals like gear box, FRP fan, drive shaft, fill etc.
Supply of wooden structure, ply, treated wood etc.
Supply of various pultruded profiles etc.
Supply includes Mechanical, Electrical,and Instrumentation equipment’s / parts.

field actions

Erections of any size, any capacity, any type of cooling tower.
Periodic erection.
Dismantling activities.
Erection of mechanical equipment / Parts etc.
Preparation and processing of technical drafts.
Wide range of axial fan repairing
Performance testing as per CTI, ASME, BS latest code.
Water flow testing by using pitot tube or ultrasonic flow meter
Air flow testing

maintenance and up gradation

Maintenance of cooling tower internals parts
Up gradation of equipment’s, parts and instruments.
Emergency repairs.
Overhaul and revamp.
Periodic inspections.
Noise reduction.
Modernization of existing cooling towers.
Painting and Protection.
AMC of cooling tower.
Corrosion Preventions.
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