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Research and development is of great importance in business as the level of competition, production processes and methods. Our R&D team provides technical support to internal departments and suggests the best technical solution to contributecustomers. Our R&D department is well equipped with advanced testing equipment’s.

PCTPL’s R&D group is to discover and create new knowledge about scientific and technological issues for the purpose of uncovering and empowering development of valuable new products, processes, and services.

In house developed components range :-
    axial fans
    FRP stacks for cooling tower application
    FRP stacks for dry cooling application
    pultruded FRP cross and counter flow cooling towers
    performance test kit as per CTI recommend standard
PROGETTO Cooling Technologies

1General Catalogue131
2Counter flow single cell steel-FRP cooling tower132-A
3Counter flow single cell pultruded-FRP cooling tower 132-B
4Counter flow single & multi cell steel-FRP cooling tower 132-c
5Counter flow single & multi cell pultruded-FRP cooling tower 132-D
6Cross flow wooden cooling tower 132-E
7Cross flow pultruded FRP cooling tower 132-F
8Quality components 133
9Balarka FRP fans 133-A
10Fan Stack -CT 133-B
11Fan Stack –ACC 133-C
12Performance test kit 133-D
13FRP Stuffs 133-E
14Drive Stuffs 133-F
15Cooling tower services 134
16Conversion of wooden tower to pultruded tower structure 134-A
17AMC of cooling tower 134-B
18Services for axial fan 134-C
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